See what clients are saying...

"As an avid sports fan who grew up with all brothers, I always thought of myself as “one of the boys”…until I met Jenna. I can honestly say that working with her changed my life – she didn’t just teach me how to find my style, she helped me discover my beauty. Jenna has taught me an approach to fashion that has forever changed the way I see myself, and in turn, the way the people around me see me – I’ve been refashioned from the inside out!"

Rebecca, Nashville [Professional Videographer/College Professor]



"Jenna has such a unique talent at taking your own, individual style and personality and making it light years better than what you began with, all while letting you shine through!

Time after time, she's styled my looks for events and various photo shoots with a keen eye for what's needed in today's music industry, and I've been able to come away feeling more confident about how I naturally am in the clothes and styles that are right for my own body. She is blessed with a passion for seeing the beauty of a soul and a desire to see each person walking in the beauty and confidence they were created to wear. The girl is gifted and I absolutely adore working with her!"

Melody, Nashville [Singer, Songwriter]



Several months after i gave birth to my second child, I contacted Jenna to help me dig through my closet. In the chaos of raising kids, I had somehow lost my sense of fashion and honestly didn't have the time to go through my wardrobe and figure out what to wear each day, let alone what to get rid of. I needed someone to help me not only sort through piles of old clothes but also help me regain some confidence in what i was wearing.

Jenna spent the day with me going through every single item in my closet, helping me decide what to keep, what to toss and what needed to be added to my wardrobe to make it current and fun. She made a very detailed list of essential items i needed to add and helped show me how to mix and match things in my closet to create fun, new outfits.

It really was fabulous and the best part was, we had so much fun doing it! Jenna, not only has an incredible eye for fashion, but she has such a fun, sweet, personality and really is a joy to work with. What a gift for fashion she has to share! 

Stacey, Nashville [Mother of 3]



"Following fashion trends and even putting a simple outfit together has always been a bit of a challenge for me.  Since my fashion sense was all of over the place, it was a relief to finally get some direction.  Jenna put me on a path of successfully dressing myself.  She spent the whole day with me, sorting through my closet effortlessly, advising which pieces to get rid of and which pieces could be matched up.  After taking inventory of my closet, we did what every woman loves to do...go shopping!  

Instead of going to all of my normal retailers, Jenna took me to many of her favorite stores.  She helped me to pick out some basic pieces that could be rotated through multiple outfits and she also helped me to pick out some trendy pieces, effectively pulling me out of my fashion rut!  When it was all said and done, I walked away not only knowing what to wear, but how to wear it.  Thank you, Jenna, for dressing up my style, improving my fashion sense and giving me fresh confidence in myself!"

Kim, Indianapolis [Mother of 3]



"Jenna is very professional and has taken our look to a new level at our label, Reflection Music Group. She is easy to work with and passionate about what she does. She has been a part of our team from the start and will continue to be for years to come."

Doc, Nashville  [co-owner, Reflection Music Group]



"Jenna Miller, where do I start. I was introduced to her at a photo shoot meeting with Reflection Music Group. Her passion for fashion blew me away because she puts all of her energy into making her clients look fashionably confident.

Her attention to details, mix matching colors, fabrics, designs and jewelry will bring life to your project. I've seen clients literally buy clothes, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc that she hand picked herself. So look no further and believe me when I say, Jenna Miller is everything you will ever need. I can't wait to work with her again!"

Duan, Nashville  [Photographer]