The REQUEST services are typically aimed at personal shopping for special events, but the overall REQUEST experience looks different for each client - it's completely customizable. Many REQUEST clients are individuals who work in the music/entertainment industry. Styling requests include awards shows, photo shoots, and everything in between.

Not an entertainer? No problem. The REQUEST service is not limited to simply styling for the spotlight - I've also had plenty of experience styling for social to corporate events, and I can even help you figure out what to take with you on that honeymoon or dream vacation. In addition, REQUEST services also cover personal photo shoots (think engagement pictures or that infamous family Christmas portrait…say goodbye to keeping up with the Joneses!)

These services are highly customizable, and highly recommended - figuring out what to wear should be the least of your concerns during such an important moment of your life!

Whatever the case is, we'll work together to determine the appropriate attire and put it all together, down to the very last detail - I'm all about those finishing touches. It'll leave people demanding to know where you went shopping. And hey, that's the goal, right?

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