It's shopping time! During the RENEW experience, we'll hunt for those perfect wardrobe essentials…and we'll do it on your designated budget. 

RENEW can be done two ways:

1. After preparation on my part, we'll efficiently shop together at certain pre-selected stores. I'll have pieces set aside for you, and your only job is to try on clothes and decide what you like. It's a fun, pain free shopping excursion. This route helps you develop an eye for fashion, and we'll work together to meet the styling goals established in the initial consultation. Along the way, we'll discuss basic wardrobe needs, when to splurge and when to hold back, etc. 

2. If you are on a time crunch or would rather not shop, I can shop for you. We'll still make a list the essential pieces you need together, but I'll take care of the rest from there. When I've found everything on your list, I'll bring them to you, and we'll go through each piece together. I'll be reimbursed for the items you keep, and return anything you decide you don't like. Simple and painless…the way this service should be!

Both experiences conclude with a personalized styling session, in which we blend the old with the new, and put together an array of killer outfits. You'll also have the option of receiving a personalized look book to help you remember all the ways we mixed and matched. By the end of this session, you'll be empowered to walk into a store with confidence, knowing how to shop in a way that maximizes your personal style. 

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