Wedding Wednesdays: The Proposal


So I’ve decided to do something a bit fun. If you follow me on any social media at all, you’ll know that I recently got engaged to a hot Aussie dream named Jared. It was documented on Green Wedding Shoes here. Since this is my one chance to blog about a wedding, I think I will dedicate a few Wednesdays to “Wedding Wednesdays” and update you on the process.

Engagement is a blissful time. It’s exciting to shop for everything and dream big. What a lot of these wedding websites don’t tell you is the bit of stress involved. You wake up thinking about a wedding and you go to bed thinking about a wedding, especially if it’s a 5 month engagement like ours. So Wedding Wednesdays will be dedicated to the good, the bad, and the ugly of wedding planning. 

Today will be a good post because it’s about what started it all: the proposal.



Jared surprised me two weeks beforehand with a trip to NYC because he had a few big gigs in the city that week. It’s rare that a significant other gets to experience a touring musicians life on the road, so I was beyond ecstatic. Upon arrival, he had the entire week planned out. Little did I know that he had been talking to my city-dwelling best friend, Payal, for a while to make sure the entire week was planned out. 

The day after I arrived, he took me to my second love, Brooklyn.  We ran into a number of fellow Aussies and found some wonderful shopping spots. Needless to say, my love tank and shopping bags were full! I’ll share more about these crazy cool places in one of the next coming posts.

We rushed from Brooklyn to soundcheck at Radio City Music Hall and then to Central Park, for a "casual stroll". Yeah right. We casually walked up to the rowboats, jumped on a boat and he rowed like a madman to get to The Lake. To the point where people were dodging our creaking boat.

JARED HERE: I was nervous about my small window of time between soundcheck and show, so sweating bullets, I walked her to the park (after having no luck finding a cab going uptown) and eventually got a hold of a pedi cab driver telling him to high tail it to The Lake. Because of the recent bad weather, my backup plan was to propose on a bridge right by The Lake but once we got to the row boats and I saw them operating, I just had to go for it!


Back to me. Once out there, Jared stopped at a specific spot. Little did he know this was my favorite spot in Central Park. It was a location I had visited many of times in the past years by myself. 

JARED HERE: When trying to figure out how to propose to Jenna and make it as big as I could, yet still intimate, I jumped on Pinterest (it's ok fellas, pinterest is cool for guys too!) and was immediately struck by a picture of a couple on The Lake in Central Park, in a row boat, in front of the San Remo Towers. I just thought it looked way cool and that it would be amazing if I could somehow pull it off myself.

The shot.

Jared then whipped out a beautiful custom ring, his best speech and then this...


Once I looked up, I saw that we were surrounded by people in boats, lining the bridge and the entire sidewalk. There seemed to be hundreds of people and they all stared in anticipation.  I asked, "Who are these people? Is this a flashmob?!?!” He disappointedly said no, but that they were waiting for my answer. So, I screamed YES at the top of my lungs as the crowds cheered and clapped in pure excitement. It was unreal.

She said yes!
I said yes!

We rowed back and Jared said he had one more surprise. I was already dying with overwhelming excitement. (You'll be able to tell by the wide open smile) He led me to the Loeb Boathouse, turned me around and I immediately started the ugly cry when I saw these people: my dad and stepmom, flown in from Ohio, and my childhood best friend, Payal.


At that point, the show was in a few minutes so we ran to Radio City Music Hall. He surprised me with even more after the show, but the one I'll share with you was a 2 hour limo ride that took us through Manhattan and to a delicious meatball restaurant on the Lower East Side. Perfection.

The dream day ended on a rooftop, drink in hand, overlooking the city and reflecting on the perfect day that just took place.

Like I said, he had more surprises for me...but you’ll have to wait for one of them. Thanks for going on this journey with me as I step closer to marrying the most thoughtful, humble, creative, hottest person I know.

Moral of the Story: Always do your make-up. You never know when a complete stranger is going to photograph 2 hours of your life. 


*Memories captured by the talented Kelly Christine. Thank you so much!

Refash Closet Audit Revisited pt.2


And the content is gone! Sorry to surprise you!

After getting such a great response over my Closet Audit Guide, I realized the information that I loved sharing with you on my blog is crazy practical advice that can't be found elsewhere. Who would've thought?! What I'd love to do is put it in an e-book or something of the sort. I'm in the process of refining it so I can have even more info to offer you. If you're on the email list, you'll be alerted when the information is available. If not, sign up!

Thanks so much for all the support!


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