the Pantone Color of the Year 2016 (with a Twist)

It's that time of year when Pantone comes out with its color of the year! I'm giddy every year to hear what they have chosen. This color is seen in the world of fashion and interior design the entire next year. It's like getting an early Christmas present! 

Some of you out there may think I'm a little cray for getting so excited...but I'm sure there's a few of you out there that get it.

Pantone has really thrown us for a loop this year. In recent years, they have chosen a bold beautiful color. Not this year. There were a few hints that it would be a lighter hue because of the top ten 2016 colors chosen in September. Now this is the kicker - they didn't pick just one color...but two! It's the first time ever. Maybe it's the artist and stylist in me that is always looking at color combinations and dreaming of new ones.  I love what the marriage of two colors can do.


So what is the 2016 color? Rose Quartz & Serenity!!!! You're asking...yeah, but what does that mean in every day language? Basically, it's a rosy pink and a cooler, light blue. 

See what Pantone says about the combination below:

Rose Quartz and Serenity Quote


Pantone recommends mixing this combination with other mid tones such as green, purples and rich browns and all shades of yellow and pink. Silver will also look great paired with it.

BCBG Pre Spring 2016

BCBG Pre Spring 2016



STYLIST DISCLAIMER: As usual...I need to say something. These colors won't be loved by everyone, nor should they be worn by everyone. I'd love to help you out if you're not sure of your color palette. But, the good news is that you can tie these colors into an outfit or your home. 

Also, click this link to see other colors that were announced in September, in addition to Rose Quartz & Serenity, for 2016's top colors. You may find other colors and combinations you like better!

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Here they are. Seven wearable trends for this fall and winter.

Now, a lot of the runway looks aren't practical for certain body types and a trend is one thing that is always changing. I would much rather have someone feel confident and look good (no matter how trendy they are) than to constantly search for the next best thing. But, I have found a few trends that are going to stick around and are lovely for the everyday person that wants a closet update.

Be sure to check out the very bottom of this post for more trends that I mention. Here we go...


Space cadet anyone? I absolutely love this trend because it can add a bit of flair to any outfit. Metallic boots really started to reappear this time last year so get going if you want to catch it this fall. They can be paired with just about anything...your summer trend culottes, skinnies, skirts, etc. Just have fun with them.


Attention all collarbones! This is an incredible way to show off your feminine figure. I love the thought of showing a bit of skin in the winter because it's so easy to wear bulky tops with max coverage. 


I'm not sure when this trend has ever gone out (I've kept my wide leg/flairs for years), but now stores are saying "You must have 70's for this season". So set aside your skinnies a few days a week and try on some flairs with a boho top.

**Stylist disclaimer: Unless you're already tall, flare pants look best if worn with a heel. While this isn't always practical, it will elongate (and beautify) your figure.


I've told clients for a few years now...hang onto your classic turtlenecks. They definitely went through an "out phase" and other versions replaced it.. But now, they are back and the great thing is - you can get them anywhere. Update the old duds by putting a turtleneck under a cute wintery sleeveless dress like the pictures below.

**Stylist disclaimer: A turtleneck is not flattering for every body type. In particular, if you are heavy chested, have a good bra and go for a thinner version rather than a chunky version. 

1.  Zara  2. Glamradar 3.  Silence + Noise  4. Fashionista

1. Zara 2. Glamradar 3. Silence + Noise 4. Fashionista


This is a perfect grab for the "I'm feeling bloated" day.

*Stylist disclaimer: While it's comfy, it has to be done right. A chunky sweater should be paired with something a little less full on the bottom to guarantee that you don't look bigger. So match it up with a pair of skinnies, a pencil or mini skirt and show off those legs.

1.  One Teaspoon  2.  Free People  3.  Zara  4.  H&M  5. The Style Spy

1. One Teaspoon 2. Free People 3. Zara 4. H&M 5. The Style Spy


Such a classic. This is one of the trends I would spend a bit more on because most likely it's not going to fly out the window tomorrow. There are quite a few different capes now...there's a blanket cape, which is a bit more full and wintery, and then there is a fashion statement piece like the cape blazer as pictured below. 


I don't know if you can call fur/faux fur a trend. It's always beautiful and it's always impactful. This time around, the fur stole has won the show. 

1.  Topshop  2.  Numph Gitte  3.  Zara  4.  Urban Code   5.  Free People  


Of course there are more trends - some that include grey being the "it" color, fringe (in a major way), oversize waist synching belts, patchwork clothes, and more. Let's be real...this post could get out of control. Regardless, whether it's a trend or not, wear what you love and what helps you be the best you.

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Brooklyn: Food, Fashion & a Familiar Accent, pt. 1



Last week I posted about my dream proposal in NYC. I mentioned that Jared and I went to Brooklyn the morning of the big day. You might remember how much I love Brooklyn from the post I had written this last Spring, Inspiration in a New York Minute. I love Brooklyn for the food, architecture, graffiti, shopping, and culture. I'm doing a two part series to show you our last escapade. Hint: A common (accent) thread ran through each place we visited.


Jared and I started the day off early on the back porch of St.Balmain, a fabulous Aussie run restaurant. He actually knows of the owners, being Aussie himself, so it was only fitting.

We went "splitsies" on Brooke’s Brekky Bowl and Avocado Toast with coffee. Did you know that Australians shorten everything?! One of my favs is breakfast = brekky. The brekky bowl was heaven. Pure heaven. Any time you combine an organic fried egg, cured bacon, fontina cheese, and crispy kale on a pretzel can’t go wrong! The most outrageous gem at St.Balmain is the syringe & cream doughnuts. Customers pick between chocolate, vanilla creme and strawberry jam and then fill up the doughnut themselves. Heaven again? I think so. 

st barmain
st barmain doughnuts

As I was fighting Jared for the last bites of fontina cheese, I noticed the cutest belle in an epic skirt sitting at another picnic table. I had to talk to her. And this is Jenn, the Brooklyn photographer in a cute skirt.

Tulled skirt: JOA via Piperlime; Tee: Everlane (love them)

Tulled skirt: JOA via Piperlime; Tee: Everlane (love them)

Shoes: JCrew; Necklace is Verameat (a camera of course); Sunglasses: a little shop on Bedford 

Shoes: JCrew; Necklace is Verameat (a camera of course); Sunglasses: a little shop on Bedford 

If Jenn had that cute of a skirt...she must have some great insight on Brooklyn to do's: 

- How long have you been a photographer? 

On and off since college but I've been really focused on it since moving to NYC 6+ years ago.(People check her out at!)

- What kind of photography do you specialize in? 

I've done a lot of fashion and e-commerce, and I enjoy working with new and upcoming fashion designers. I'm currently working on creating a dog (and pet) photography business, and I'm beginning a project about New Yorkers and their dogs. (I love this idea because I have a theory that all dogs look like their owners!) We have a special relationship with our pets here in the city, and I want to document people at home with their pups.

- Do you live in Brooklyn? 

Yes, I've been in Williamsburg just over two years.

- What are some of your fav things to do in Williamsburg? Fav shops?

Well eating and drinking is definitely a favorite pass time around here. There's no shortage of great restaurants and bars, and there's always something new popping up. I love to ride my bike around the neighborhood or over the Williamsburg Bridge, and there's also lots of great studios like Soul Cycle and Pure Barre plus yoga popping up here (which helps even out all the eating and drinking). Taking my dog to the park is also fun (and a little less uptight than the parks in the city). 

Fav shops... Verameat is great as are Catbird and Norbu. I often just walk along Bedford and pop my head into all the shops, there's always something cute. Artists and Fleas is fun on the weekends.

Thanks for reading! I can't wait to tell you about the next stop I found. Oh my goodness, the best vintage store I've ever found! See you next week!