Jared and I recently took a little venture up to Canada. We visited Nova Scotia, Quebec City (the dreamiest of cities), and Montreal. We fell in love with Quebec City's 400 year old history and its sheer beauty. Every time I looked up, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't actually in France. Montreal, as well, had the authentic French culture with an added spice of fashion, art, and quirkiness. 

I had no idea where to even start in Montreal.

First, I knew I had to ressurect the French I learned 20 years prior. 

Second, we had to choose where to stay: Old Montreal, Downtown, or Le Plateau/Mile End. We chose Le Plateau because its known for its shopping, coffee, diverse culture, restaurants and bagels. Yes, famous 24 hour bagel shops. We stayed one block from the popular Schwartz's Deli on Saint Laurent Boulevard. 

Third, we had such little time, I needed a plan for shops to visit. I decided to reach out to someone that would know best, Montreal blogger, Marie-Eve Vallieres. We hit up a few of her suggestions in the limited time that we had. What I loved about Montreal's shopping was finding local brands in all the stores. Here are a few stores that we visited:

 (I found a lot more stores that we liked and I'll note them at the bottom of this post.)



I loved this store. It felt like Old Paris with a modern, sophisticated edge. And talk about shoe envy. There were quite a few brands that I recognized and also local designers such as Matt & Nat, an ethical vegan Montreal based handbag and accessory line.

La Petite Garconne Wall
La Petite Garconne
La Petite Garconne
La Petite Garconne
Matt & Nat
La Petite Garconne Suitcase



The whole feel of General 54 was lovely. They had everything from candles, accessories, clothing and some of the best simplistic jewelry by Vancouver based, Kara Yoo. Click here to see the labels sold at General 54.

General 54
General 54 Entrance.jpg
General 54
General 54 Rings
General 54 Rings
General 54 art
General 54 floor



This was another store that showcased local designers. I was drawn more to the jewelry than anything else. They carried super creative pieces.

Unicorn bag
Unicorn Necklaces
Unicorn Montreal
Unicorn Hats
Unicorn Moc
u Bracelets.jpg
unicorn necklace.jpg
Unicorn Earrings



Ibiki brought modern street fashion to life. Its clean, white interior was filled with modern sporty styles in conjunction with oversize shirts, sweaters, jackets and bags. Black and white everywhere. I loved their limited addition Nike Sportswear shoes. Shoe lust, once again.

Ibiki Montreal


  • Mylène B
  • Citizen Vintage
  • Editorial
  • Vestibule
  • Annex Vintage
  • Simons (their department store but we found some cute things there)
  • Aritizia
  • Boutique Mousseline
  • Frank & Oak (men's)

Well that's it for now. I could do another post just on the places we ate. Montreal has AMAZING restaurants. If you end up visiting Montreal, message me and I can give a few suggestions. Til next time...

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Here they are. Seven wearable trends for this fall and winter.

Now, a lot of the runway looks aren't practical for certain body types and a trend is one thing that is always changing. I would much rather have someone feel confident and look good (no matter how trendy they are) than to constantly search for the next best thing. But, I have found a few trends that are going to stick around and are lovely for the everyday person that wants a closet update.

Be sure to check out the very bottom of this post for more trends that I mention. Here we go...


Space cadet anyone? I absolutely love this trend because it can add a bit of flair to any outfit. Metallic boots really started to reappear this time last year so get going if you want to catch it this fall. They can be paired with just about anything...your summer trend culottes, skinnies, skirts, etc. Just have fun with them.


Attention all collarbones! This is an incredible way to show off your feminine figure. I love the thought of showing a bit of skin in the winter because it's so easy to wear bulky tops with max coverage. 


I'm not sure when this trend has ever gone out (I've kept my wide leg/flairs for years), but now stores are saying "You must have 70's for this season". So set aside your skinnies a few days a week and try on some flairs with a boho top.

**Stylist disclaimer: Unless you're already tall, flare pants look best if worn with a heel. While this isn't always practical, it will elongate (and beautify) your figure.


I've told clients for a few years now...hang onto your classic turtlenecks. They definitely went through an "out phase" and other versions replaced it.. But now, they are back and the great thing is - you can get them anywhere. Update the old duds by putting a turtleneck under a cute wintery sleeveless dress like the pictures below.

**Stylist disclaimer: A turtleneck is not flattering for every body type. In particular, if you are heavy chested, have a good bra and go for a thinner version rather than a chunky version. 

1.  Zara  2. Glamradar 3.  Silence + Noise  4. Fashionista

1. Zara 2. Glamradar 3. Silence + Noise 4. Fashionista


This is a perfect grab for the "I'm feeling bloated" day.

*Stylist disclaimer: While it's comfy, it has to be done right. A chunky sweater should be paired with something a little less full on the bottom to guarantee that you don't look bigger. So match it up with a pair of skinnies, a pencil or mini skirt and show off those legs.

1.  One Teaspoon  2.  Free People  3.  Zara  4.  H&M  5. The Style Spy

1. One Teaspoon 2. Free People 3. Zara 4. H&M 5. The Style Spy


Such a classic. This is one of the trends I would spend a bit more on because most likely it's not going to fly out the window tomorrow. There are quite a few different capes now...there's a blanket cape, which is a bit more full and wintery, and then there is a fashion statement piece like the cape blazer as pictured below. 


I don't know if you can call fur/faux fur a trend. It's always beautiful and it's always impactful. This time around, the fur stole has won the show. 

1.  Topshop  2.  Numph Gitte  3.  Zara  4.  Urban Code   5.  Free People  


Of course there are more trends - some that include grey being the "it" color, fringe (in a major way), oversize waist synching belts, patchwork clothes, and more. Let's be real...this post could get out of control. Regardless, whether it's a trend or not, wear what you love and what helps you be the best you.

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I went for a weekend getaway trip to Chattanooga with food blogger friend, Amy Harris of Amy Avenue. This wasn't the normal brunch feasting, coffee discovering, shopping excursion trip - I'll perhaps post about that one day, because I have some more favs than what I'm mentioning today. It was a time of R&R that included boating on the Chattanooga River while munching on Cadence Coffee scones baked by the talented Michelle Thompson.

Really, the only thing I had to do was stop by my two favorite stores on the north shore. Someone recently asked where I shop in Chatt, so here you go: 


This is my go to for stacking bands. The bands come at a super affordable price in sterling silver, gold and rose gold filled. They are the only ones that I have found that don't fade, tarnish or change shape. I'm also loving their gold filled dot and bar earring studs. In case you don't have the chance to venture to Chattanooga, you can visit their Etsy store here

homegrown silver and stone
homegrown silver and stone
homegrown silver and stone earrings
homegrown silver and stone
homegrown silver and stone skull
homegrown silver and stone
Homegrown silver and Stone - Chattanooga
homegrown silver and stone earrings
homegrown silver and stone
homegrown silver and stone rings
homegrown silver and stone
homegrown silver and stone rings
Homegrown silver and stone


Of course one of my favorite stores on the north shore is a vintage store. I've found the best dresses, scarves, and jeans here over the years. Collective Clothing recently just moved and the space is SO much better. They have everything from a fortune telling machine (like in the movie BIG) to records to all things Americana to clothing from every era.

Collective Collection
Collective Collection_Chattanooga
Collective Collection_Chattanooga
Collective Collection records_Chattanooga
Collective Collection_Chattanooga
Collective Collection_Chattanooga vintage
Collective Collection vintage_Chattanooga
Collective Clothing vintage_Chattanooga
Collective Collection_Chattanooga vintage
Collective Collection skirts_Chattanooga vintage
Collective Collection_Chattanooga vintage

All pics taken by the talented Amy Avenue. Thank you Amy!!!

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