Be Darling: Kacey Musgraves


Some people just have a way of being darling. What they say, what they do and who they are exudes darlingness. Yep - new word. It happens.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a long weekend on the road with two-time Grammy winner, Kacey Musgraves, and she is an absolute darling. My fiancé, Jared Kneale, is Kacey's drummer, and she was sweet enough to provide a bunk - aka miniature cave - and let me join them on her recent tour with Lady Antebellum. (ps. the fiancé aspect is new news! woohoo!)

A few qualities stick out to me when it comes to Kacey. Firstly...she has legs up to her neck. Not even kidding. Secondly, her ability to paint a picture using colorful, catchy lyrics. Thirdly, the euphoric charm that exudes from the stage as she takes the mic. My favorite moment is when the band surrounds her and any preconceived limit of talent goes out the window. I'm a sucker for harmonies. And lasty, the humble confidence she carries as she's sharing the stage with greats like Katy Perry, Alison Kraus and Willie Nelson. There's something beautiful about the drive to put a real face on American country music. 

Between phone interviews, workout videos and putting on makeup, Kacey had a chance to sit down with me and run through a few fun questions. It felt like I was with an old friend because of the ease about her.

Kacey's talented tour assistant (whom I love!), Ryan, even asked me to help style her for the shows. Let's face it, this darling looks good in anything! See the shorts below that I brought for her as a thank you present. I was honored to see her sport them with those long legs. 

Me- Top:  Imogene + Willie , Jeans:  Urban Outfitters , Jewerly:  H&M ; Kacey - Shorts:  Urban Outfitters

Me- Top: Imogene + Willie, Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Jewerly: H&M; Kacey - Shorts: Urban Outfitters


How do you pick your outfit for each show? Is there a process?

-I have a big closet full of fun western and sequin tinged outfits that are so fun to put's hard to decide! My tour assistant, Ryan, helps out a lot. 


Have you always been into fashion? 

-I have always loved expressing myself in general. But yes I LOVE fashion! It's an art!


Where do you draw your inspiration from for each show?

-I draw my inspiration from the 60's and 70's quite a bit and I’m a sucker for themes. With the band in heavily rhinestoned light up suits - anything goes!


Who are your fashion icons?

-I'm super inspired by Nancy Sinatra and her sexy, mod-yet-country looks!

Do you have a signature look? 

-Nude lips and big earrings.

Do you have a favorite gown that you’ve worn to an award’s show?

Photo Credit: VOGUE.COM "Grammy Awards 2014: The Best-Dressed Celebrities on the Red Carpet"

Photo Credit: VOGUE.COM "Grammy Awards 2014: The Best-Dressed Celebrities on the Red Carpet"

-My favorite award show look has been the tiered, nude Armani Privé that was covered in rose gold Swarovski crystals and sparkly Jimmy Choo's(I melted...what she didn't mention was that this was the showstopper gown worn at this year's Grammy's while accepting "Best Country Song" for her hit “Merry Go ‘Round”. Love.)


Where do you shop in Nashville? Out of town? 

-I love a shop called Old Made Good in Nashville for fun vintage jewelry pieces. Lately I have also been out of control shopping on


While on the road, what's one thing you couldn't live without? 

-Candles! My dog, Pearl! Chapstick. And my ballet inspired workout dvds.


What are you excited about for the rest of 2014?

-Going on tour this summer with Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss, and Katy Perry!


Are you already prepping and excited about your outfits for the Katy Perry tour? 

-Yes! My stylist, Hayley Atkin, and I are building a bunch of SUPER fun looks for the tour.


If you weren't an artist, what do you think you'd be doing?

-Who knows! But I'd like to think I might be a makeup artist or a yoga teacher :)


Do you have a beauty regimen for the road?

-Wash your face at night!!


Have to ask....what kind of lashes are those?!? Amazing! 

-Drugstore brands..cheapies!


Do you have a new brand that you are loving right now?

-HEMPZ is a great, all natural beauty product line I'm loving right now. Specifically their hemp body lotion and powder good! (I’m obsessed myself!)


My last few blog posts have been about transitioning your closet. The next posts will be about transitioning in life. On that note, you seem so comfortable in the spotlight, yet so relatable at the same time. What has helped you during the transition of being someone newer on the scene to being a two-time Grammy winner, touring with Katy/Willie, becoming a fashion icon, etc? 

-It's really important to have great and trustworthy people around you. My family is also always in support and a phone call away if I need them. I think it's also important to make time to still do the things you loved to do before your life started to really change. 



Thrift shop or high end?



New York or LA?



Glitter or leather?



Stripes or polka dots?



Silver or gold? 

Depends! Both.


Boots or heels?

Again- depends- but I do love my vintage boots.

Thank you once again Kacey for a wonderful weekend and a fun interview. You are a gem. Also, thank you for having the hottest drummer in the industry. :)