the Pantone Color of the Year 2016 (with a Twist)

It's that time of year when Pantone comes out with its color of the year! I'm giddy every year to hear what they have chosen. This color is seen in the world of fashion and interior design the entire next year. It's like getting an early Christmas present! 

Some of you out there may think I'm a little cray for getting so excited...but I'm sure there's a few of you out there that get it.

Pantone has really thrown us for a loop this year. In recent years, they have chosen a bold beautiful color. Not this year. There were a few hints that it would be a lighter hue because of the top ten 2016 colors chosen in September. Now this is the kicker - they didn't pick just one color...but two! It's the first time ever. Maybe it's the artist and stylist in me that is always looking at color combinations and dreaming of new ones.  I love what the marriage of two colors can do.


So what is the 2016 color? Rose Quartz & Serenity!!!! You're asking...yeah, but what does that mean in every day language? Basically, it's a rosy pink and a cooler, light blue. 

See what Pantone says about the combination below:

Rose Quartz and Serenity Quote


Pantone recommends mixing this combination with other mid tones such as green, purples and rich browns and all shades of yellow and pink. Silver will also look great paired with it.

BCBG Pre Spring 2016

BCBG Pre Spring 2016



STYLIST DISCLAIMER: As usual...I need to say something. These colors won't be loved by everyone, nor should they be worn by everyone. I'd love to help you out if you're not sure of your color palette. But, the good news is that you can tie these colors into an outfit or your home. 

Also, click this link to see other colors that were announced in September, in addition to Rose Quartz & Serenity, for 2016's top colors. You may find other colors and combinations you like better!

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Here they are. Seven wearable trends for this fall and winter.

Now, a lot of the runway looks aren't practical for certain body types and a trend is one thing that is always changing. I would much rather have someone feel confident and look good (no matter how trendy they are) than to constantly search for the next best thing. But, I have found a few trends that are going to stick around and are lovely for the everyday person that wants a closet update.

Be sure to check out the very bottom of this post for more trends that I mention. Here we go...


Space cadet anyone? I absolutely love this trend because it can add a bit of flair to any outfit. Metallic boots really started to reappear this time last year so get going if you want to catch it this fall. They can be paired with just about anything...your summer trend culottes, skinnies, skirts, etc. Just have fun with them.


Attention all collarbones! This is an incredible way to show off your feminine figure. I love the thought of showing a bit of skin in the winter because it's so easy to wear bulky tops with max coverage. 


I'm not sure when this trend has ever gone out (I've kept my wide leg/flairs for years), but now stores are saying "You must have 70's for this season". So set aside your skinnies a few days a week and try on some flairs with a boho top.

**Stylist disclaimer: Unless you're already tall, flare pants look best if worn with a heel. While this isn't always practical, it will elongate (and beautify) your figure.


I've told clients for a few years now...hang onto your classic turtlenecks. They definitely went through an "out phase" and other versions replaced it.. But now, they are back and the great thing is - you can get them anywhere. Update the old duds by putting a turtleneck under a cute wintery sleeveless dress like the pictures below.

**Stylist disclaimer: A turtleneck is not flattering for every body type. In particular, if you are heavy chested, have a good bra and go for a thinner version rather than a chunky version. 

1.  Zara  2. Glamradar 3.  Silence + Noise  4. Fashionista

1. Zara 2. Glamradar 3. Silence + Noise 4. Fashionista


This is a perfect grab for the "I'm feeling bloated" day.

*Stylist disclaimer: While it's comfy, it has to be done right. A chunky sweater should be paired with something a little less full on the bottom to guarantee that you don't look bigger. So match it up with a pair of skinnies, a pencil or mini skirt and show off those legs.

1.  One Teaspoon  2.  Free People  3.  Zara  4.  H&M  5. The Style Spy

1. One Teaspoon 2. Free People 3. Zara 4. H&M 5. The Style Spy


Such a classic. This is one of the trends I would spend a bit more on because most likely it's not going to fly out the window tomorrow. There are quite a few different capes now...there's a blanket cape, which is a bit more full and wintery, and then there is a fashion statement piece like the cape blazer as pictured below. 


I don't know if you can call fur/faux fur a trend. It's always beautiful and it's always impactful. This time around, the fur stole has won the show. 

1.  Topshop  2.  Numph Gitte  3.  Zara  4.  Urban Code   5.  Free People  


Of course there are more trends - some that include grey being the "it" color, fringe (in a major way), oversize waist synching belts, patchwork clothes, and more. Let's be real...this post could get out of control. Regardless, whether it's a trend or not, wear what you love and what helps you be the best you.

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The Planning of a Wedding: The Gown, Dresses and Suits

It's officially been five months since our beautiful fall wedding...and after a much-needed vacation from anything that has to do with wedding planning, I’m ecstatic to share some details with you.

Jared and I said all along the way that we wanted our big day to scream us. No matter what others thought or what Pinterest suggested, it had to do just that. And it did. This week, I'm going to share some of the background to the attire we chose.


Oh my. What an experience! I had four months to find my dream dress...the one that I had never dreamt about until the day Jared proposed. I searched high and low for a dress that would fit my personality. Bohemian? No. Modern? Maybe. Simple? Perhaps. Extravagant? Nope.

I quickly realized -- the dress I envisioned didn't fit into one category and it wasn’t even made yet! It was actually in my head. I gained inspiration from the classic, yet gorgeous Houghton and Inbal Dror's ability to mix textiles, but I needed to put my own touches on it. I envisioned a long sleeved, low back lace crop top with a beautiful, smooth silhouette bottom. Not just any lace top though. Instead of the typical lace look - I wanted something that looked more like a white tattoo.

So on to the next search, a seamstress.

I was told to visit Maria of Romantic Creations Bridal Couture and I knew that I instantly had found my match. She has 30+ years of exquisite experience so I walked into her studio, explained my vision and she got it...instantly! She understood that lace just wasn't me, so she decided to cut each piece of lace out and place them by hand to create the tattoo look. Success!

She used a stunning 100% silk crepe for the bottom and even lined the inside with silk charmeuse to make it smooth and exquisite on the inside. The thought that went into this dress blew me away.

I can’t say enough about my dress. While having one made was a stressful experience at times, it was well worth it. The dress showed just enough skin, hugged me just right and most was unique and I felt beautiful in it.


I hadn't told anyone but three people in my life what my dress looked like so I gathered everyone outside the bridal suite for the big reveal. It was such a highlight to the day!




Picking the jewelry and shoes was a cinch. I wanted neutral shoes with a thick heel and unique design . As soon as I saw the limited edition of Anthropologie’s Zari heel (with only my size left) I knew those were it. I also picked my necklace out in one day and found my gold and pearl bracelet at a vintage store in Louisville. I decided that morning to wear it.

The fur. It was given to me a few months before the wedding. It didn't even cross my mind until the day before and it ended up being a perfect fit.

Jenna _Kneale_Wedding_Shoes



Unlike the pursuit of the perfect dress, Jared’s beautiful wool suit was found in five minutes at H&M San Francisco. The slim cut was perfect for him and his groomsmen and the color was timeless. We accented it with a crisp white French cuff shirt from Banana Republic. I wanted a monochromatic look so we styled it with a simple tie bar, a unique pocket square and the cuff links I gave him before the wedding. It was all brought together by the camel colored shoes and belt. Easy!

Kneale Wedding-0156.jpg
Kneale Wedding-0283.jpg



There's a few ways to pick out bridesmaids dresses:

1. Pick out the exact dress and ask them to buy it.

2. Pick out the style of dress and let them be creative. 

3. Pick out the color and let them find a dress that fits them individually.

I chose the second option. Kinda. I watched every wedding around me pick blush or a neutral for their bridesmaid dresses and I wanted to go against the grain. So, I picked an ombre of colors including forrest green, teal and mint. They looked beautiful together and I'm a huge fan of pairing colors within a family.

I assigned each girl to a color according to their coloring and position in the line and said "Go!" But, quickly realized it was more of a "Go! Oh wait...come back. I want to pick which color and shape looks good on you. I'll pick options and you let me know what you think. Must be approved." Oh my.

Because of what I do for a living, what everyone was wearing ended up being a huge deal to me. So, after providing examples on a Pinterest board, encouraging one girl to design her dress and pushing another girl into a jumpsuit (my personal staple), everyone represented their style perfectly. 

And all the colors looked great with the Groomsmen's suits.




I quickly ran into a dilemma because I also have a dear group of girls that I've grown up with since I was five years old. We call ourselves "The Fab Five". Although we don't see each other on a regular basis because of our different locations, we've been through everything in life together. I needed a special spot for the Fabs. And they were not to be called "honorary bridesmaids". What is that anyway?!

After much thought, we found their role. Both Jared and I lost our moms to cancer. The Fab Five was dearly loved by my mom and they understood her crazy fun ways. I chose these girls to open the ceremony by having them walk before the bridesmaids and by closing the ceremony - symbolizing their friendship from the beginning to the end. 

But even more importantly than that, we chose two of them to lay their flowers on our mother's open seats and the last fab put her flower in a vase in front of the alter symbolizing our family unity. We wanted to honor our moms in a unique way, but knew we couldn't do it ourselves. The Fabs did it perfectly for us!

The shade of orchid with red accent shoes complemented the Bridesmaid's dresses. I later found out that all the color combinations of my wedding matched Burberry's Spring/Summer 2015 line. Woohoo!

One of the Fabs live in Nashville so she was a Matron of Honor. Another lovely name, eh?

One of the Fabs live in Nashville so she was a Matron of Honor. Another lovely name, eh?



I wanted my nephew, the ring bearer, to have the same color combination as the groomsmen. I reversed the look by putting him in a dark dress shirt, light blue suit jacket, light blue bow tie and the cutest camel colored shoes. I designed the flower girl's dress and a dear friend, Joan, made it for me in record time. I gave it a vintage look with the cut and the knee highs, but added a modern flair with gold oxfords and a top bun.



Be sure to stay tuned for the next post that includes invites, programs, wedding food, alters, flowers, and all of our personal touches!

All photos taken by the one and only Teale Photography