I imagine every bride and groom feel this way about their wedding - they work for months and months to create a masterpiece of a day, and then, it's over in a blink of an eye. For that reason, we wanted beautiful pictures and a wedding video to capture the sweet moments that we may have missed or that could slip out of our memory.

I've gotten the chance to share the pics with you: from the making of the dress, picking the right venue, the DIY invites and altar, the Australian flair and so much more. (If you missed the posts, scroll down) 

Now, it's time for the video by Trenton Alan. I've honestly never seen work like this in a wedding video. He captured not only the details, but the overall beauty and feeling of the day. True talent. Here's the snippet of our special day. 

Thank you to everyone that helped with the wedding! We couldn't have pulled it off without you: Dad + Rhonda, Colin, Leigh Barker, Nikki Parsons, Jon + Amy McLaughlin, June Ahern, Teale + Justin Gunter, The Cordelle lovelies, Uncle David, Brandee, Trent Alan, Zac Marcengill, Maria, Mike Wessner (especially for finding the best kazoo players in town for our "All You Need is Love" recessional), Chris McClarney and musicians, the pie makers, Jason Eskridge and band, Brandon + Michelle Busta, Mary Jett for coming to my rescue, all the friends and fam that set up and tore down + the ones that traveled from afar to chip in, and the people that continue to support us daily.

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