A Twist on Thankfulness

sentimental heart


As you know, we are going through the Refashion Closet Audit Guide with an inner beauty perspective. Just like you would clean out your closet, it's good to consciously clean out life. This question and topic is a biggie for me and probably the most applicable for every day life.

I’m a very sentimental person, to the point where a few years ago, I went looking back through old purses and clothes that my parents had saved from my childhood. What I found was not only shocking...but a huge hint into how sentimental I was, even at a young age. In one of my white patent leather mini purses, I found really, really, really old chicken bones. Yes, dried up chicken bones.

Why were they in there? Because 5 year old Jenna must have gone to a wonderful lunch with someone special and the only thing that sweet 5 year old knew to do was....keep the bones in remembrance of that glorious day. Duh.

Although I no longer carry old chicken bones around in my purse these days, my sentimental outlook on life hasn’t changed. I'm still sentimental, but in a much healthier way!

So what is this nostalgic feeling that rises up in someone to the point where they will hang onto almost anything to remember an event or person? For example, when my mom passed away, I was suddenly thankful to have every article of jewelry or clothing, video, text message, recipe etc that belonged to her. What seemed normal one day became special the next day. It was a tragic event in my life, but I was THANKFUL for what I was able to hold onto.

When we hold onto something because of the memories attached to it, what we're actually saying is that we are THANKFUL for what the object represents. It's rarely the object itself, but rather the memory that we long to keep. 




I went on a walk this weekend to clear my head and to put last week's blog post, Style Your Life With Passion, into practice. I needed it. To be honest, my fiance was on tour and I was focused on my inability to plan a wedding “alone”, run a company, work 60+ hours a week and get ready for a photo shoot the next day. I was not in a good mood. 

And guess what happened. Another human being tried to invade my "misery" and talk to me! I couldn’t believe it. I talked for a second and then left him in the dust.

Not even 5 minutes had passed before I heard speedy footsteps come up from behind me. It was that same human being! This 27 year old man asked if I would mind to have company because his wife was running and he couldn’t keep up with her. (Guess he thought the girl with month old double knee surgery going as slow as a turtle would be easier to keep up with). I looked at him and noticed that he had a horrible limp and his right arm just dangled at his side. I felt pity, so you know what I did next? I said, “Actually I just need to be alone and think through some things.” How rude!! I couldn’t believe it came out of my mouth.

He kept walking with me.

At first I was annoyed. But then he went on to say how he had a stroke while riding a motorcycle when he was only 20 years old. It caused him to crash and his entire right side became paralyzed. I noticed how his right hand swung in the air as he intentionally thought about making every single step with his right leg. I was humbled to say the least! My life seemed okay at that point.

After his wife caught up with us, we parted ways and that was that. My window of opportunity to take a walk was up and I thought to myself, “What was the purpose of that?!”

All of a sudden a feeling came over me that said:

You were sad that your fiance wasn't in town and that you were doing today alone. Thanks to this stranger, you weren’t alone this afternoon.

You were complaining that life was hard. Life - comparatively - wasn’t hard this afternoon.

You were overwhelmed with everything on your plate. At least you’re able to physically do what you want to do in life.

And so on. Once again, I was humbled.



Be thankful. Be thankful for the things that are easy to be thankful for like a friend or spouse. A front row parking space. A pay raise. A sunny day. A vacation. Be thankful for waking up in the morning. 

But, additionally, be thankful for the people or events in life that aren’t as easy to appreciate, seem insignificant, or perhaps inconvenient. Those very things are going to make you a stronger and better version of yourself. 

Thank you to the stranger that put my life into perspective this weekend.

Remember, be the best you. #innerbeautyaudit