Brooklyn: Food, Fashion & a Familiar Accent, pt. 2



What's the best brekky spot in Williamsburg? If you don't know the answer, click here to read last week's post - it's one of those little additions in life that you just don't want to miss out on. This week is a continuation of the day I recently spent in Brooklyn. I covered the best food I found, now onto shopping! Oh and do I have two gems for you! 

After our Aussie brekky, we traveled over a few streets and I stumbled upon a vintage boutique with fake grass out front. What the turf?! 


At that point, we could’ve called it Aussie day because we met Liz, Perth native and owner of Awoke Vintage. It's the ideal vintage store that I've been looking for all my vintage loving life. The prices were wonderful, the merchandise was quality and clean, and the staff were contagiously sweet. Sometimes I leave a vintage store saying, "I could've found that myself for half the price." Well, this wasn't the case. Everything was epic. We found Jared a killer shirt on sale (the one he wore during the proposal, see it here). I got the cutest front tie button up shirt and stocked up on gold rings galore! And of course, we had to chat with adorable Liz: 


Liz has a crazy strong background in vintage fashion, operating a series of gigantic, multi-seller, vintage day sales while simultaneously running Awoke Vintage Online Shop for years. On a 2011 NYC holiday, Liz noticed an overriding problem that us fellow vintage shoppers find in most "vintage stores" - they are actually either packed second hand stores that make you want to take a shower after rummaging through the racks or they are high end vintage stores that require someone to fork over a week's worth of pay for a blouse. Ridiculous. Her goal was to build a store with merchandise holding a reasonable price tag and to carry products that would "take your fancy". She's done it. It's a must visit!! 



Last but not least, we ran over to Depanneur, the cutest corner convenience/general store. It's meant to carry a little bit of everything for the customer's convenience. If you've ever wanted to visit a market that sells homemade syrups and bitters, great reads, gifts, Brooklyn hard candy, skin care and pickles, jams and butters, Almdudler, pastas and oil, and more...all while chowing down on a fabulous breakfast sandwich and coffee, then this is the place for you. I was mesmerized by the amount of goodies in one place. 


We also ran into Mark from The Hipstones. And you guessed it, he’s an Aussie. But, we may have cheated here because he's actually a friend of Jared's from Australia. He's a top bloke.


Our favorite confectionary was the Aussie treat, Crunchie. It had us giddy with excitement and it was gone by the time we placed our cloud 9 feet on the next block. Yummy!!


This shopping energizer bunny found a couple more stores, but after just a few short hours, we had to leave. What came next was well worth it: a marriage proposal and a night at Radio City Music Hall. I'm so glad that the best day of my life started with a little brekky and shopping in Brooklyn.