Inner Beauty Audit: 3 Questions to Ask


Today, we continue using our Refashion Closet Audit Chart to do an inner beauty audit. Last week we covered "Have you worn this in the last year?" and we learned to take time to reflect on life and see what needs to be audited and altered. If you missed reading about this really important question, click here or scroll down. The next steps require action - refocus and respond

As I mentioned, "Have you worn this in the last year?" was the first question asked, so this week we continue down the infographic by asking:

"Does it fit?"

"Is it in good condition?"

"Will I fix it?"


does it fit


Transition in life is inevitable. With it comes change - change in who we are, who and what we invest in, our passions and hobbies, etc. Are there things in your life that once belonged, but they don't seem to fit any more? 

Let me give you an example. If I’m drained in life, I know it’s rarely anyone or anything’s fault besides mine. Something is probably running my life besides me. Not good. It may be because I’m saying yes to someone or something that doesn’t give me life like it used to give life. In this case, it’s good to filter out these things. 

A key to a balanced life is having healthy boundaries and putting more meaning behind your yes's and your no's.

It’s important to say yes to the activities or people that bring you life. It’s ok to say no to the ones that don’t do that for you any more. One of my mentors taught me the strength of a sincere “yes” and “no”. If I say “no” to the people and activities that shouldn’t be taking up my time at that moment, that actually makes my “yes” more meaningful and in return all parties benefit.

Take a healthy assessment. If youʼre not sure, ask someone that you trust for their honest opinion.
— A Refashion Closet Audit Guide

Much like in my closet audit guide, if you’re having a hard time reflecting, refocusing and responding to what belongs in your life, ask a trusted friend to help you assess where your energy, time, money, etc is going. 


is it in good condition


I’m a big believer in overall health, whether that means physical, mental or emotional. I always ask the question, “Will this help get me to where and who I want to be?” So on a physical note, do you need to get rid of bad eating habits and add exercise into your routine in order to live a long, healthy life? Maybe it looks like you need to take a chill pill and rest more. (This is way more likely my issue!) 

Then there’s the emotional side. I’m just being real here...if you find yourself upset, ashamed, offended or hurt, comparing yourself to others, judging, etc. a lot, then most likely there’s something that needs to be addressed. Search within to see where those feelings are actually starting. Rarely is it about the present circumstance. We form beliefs based on the cards we've been dealt and how we've coped in life. This is covered a lot in my last blog post.



will i fix it.png

The real question is, “Should I fix myself or is it something that is out of my hands?” We are all faced with conflict or issues in life. The first response to any situation is seeing how much ownership we have in it. There’s times when we just need to suck it up and take action to make a bad situation correct. Then there’s some situations that we can’t do anything about. And that’s ok. Refocus to see how much ownership you carry, and then respond the best way you know how to respond.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.
— Our Old Friend, Epictetus


There are so many directions I could've taken these questions. Instead of covering every base and then some, I'm using them in the most practical way I know how. Feel free to message me here or comment below and let me know what jumped out at you when you went through these questions. I would love to hear! Feel free to use #innerbeautyaudit on social media! :)

Remember, no one's perfect. Just be the best you!