A Resolution Makeover


Once the new year rolls around, people tend to do the same thing every year. One, they attempt to find a place for the new clothes or toys in their already over crowded house from the last holiday. Then they attempt to make their new year's resolution...and here we are two weeks out...probably struggling to keep them.

Every year, I meet with one of my best friends to come up with our New Year’s resolutions. (This year we found the cutest kit to do it involving paper, glass jars, string, confetti. Thank you Anthropologie.) 

Photography by Brandee Rees

Photography by Brandee Rees

My resolutions tend to revolve around a new exercise plan, dealing with past relationships, figuring out my purpose, and just about any other thing in my life that has room for improvement. And about two weeks out, as we are now, I've kept maybe one of them.

Even so, these resolutions usually stick with me (or haunt me) to some extent throughout the year.

See, my birthday is in July – the perfect time for a mid-year evaluation. My success meter, my beauty meter, my relationship meter, and the 100 other meters tend to go off. Much like the sound of an alarm clock...necessary but quite annoying. And typically, these meters aren't too encouraging. 

This past July, when the “you’re not as successful as you should be” birthday storm began to brew over my life, someone gave me a book by Brene Brown. (If you don’t know her, you should - sheʼs an inspiration) This resulted in me having a nice, little heart-to-heart with myself. The outcome of that talk was a concept that has impacted me ever since. If you are in my life to any extent, youʼve heard me talk about this because I just canʼt get enough of it.

In a nutshell, I realized that I was harder on myself than anyone else in my life. I would never speak down to friends the way I speak down to myself. I would never expect as much out of others as I expected out of myself. And if I failed to “produce” that day, then in my head, I was failing at life. How silly! But most of you know what I’m talking about.

So what did I do to change these thoughts? 

I simply chose to believe that I was okay...that I was enough for that day. And I remind myself of this on a day to day basis. It's much like the realization I had after trying to make room for all the newer clothes in my New Year’s closet...I had enough. DO NOT get me wrong, I still like new things and find them necessary, and when it comes to self-improvement, I believe the best way to do it is by setting short and long term goals. So, believing that I'm enough isn't an excuse to not do what it takes to achieve my goals - it just means I recognize that I can only do so much at a time.

Artwork by Jenna Miller

Artwork by Jenna Miller

For example, I will love my body the way it is today - because Lord knows it doesn’t change overnight. Can I get an amen? I will love who I am and where I am in life because each day is a gift and a step into my purpose. I will choose to find contentment in all my failures and successes because this is my today. I even use this philosophy in the smallest, silliest things. When thoughts pop in my head that I'm not enough _____ (fill in the blank - successful, skinny, creative, etc ), I just shoot them down with "But I'm enough for today".

And let me say, I didn't instantly believe I was enough because it's not a feeling. It's a mindset. The more you think it, the more you believe it.

So in short...I'm going to continue setting my goals. But I'm also going to remember that I am enough for today. I hope, that in all things, you believe that you're enough for your day as well. 

Remember - be the best you.