One Trend that Won't Go Out of Style


Today, I want to talk about trends because some of my upcoming posts are going to be about fun looks for the spring/summer. By the end of this entry, I'll tell you what I think is the greatest trend of all right now. (Drumroll, please...)

But before I get into that, I think we need to take a minute to reevaluate the whole concept of trends. First, I think we’ve all wondered where some of these trends have come from. Some of them make sense and last a little longer, and other trends are quite scary. We either choose to jump on the bandwagon once they grow on us, or we run as fast as we can to avoid getting run over by it.

But what creates the talk? Let’s take fringe, for example, since it will be infiltrating stores this spring. It has been making cameo appearances on the style stage since the 1920' other words, it’s no new news. But every time retailers want to sell it, it’s marketed as "You won’t believe this new way we embellished our's called FRINGE! You MUST have it for the next season or you’ll be completely out of style". So everyone rushes out to get this new found glory. I admit, I'm sometimes one of those people that jumps on the "this is a new phenomenon" way of thinking.

Fringe trend. Photo courtesy of  Roopal Patel.

Fringe trend. Photo courtesy of Roopal Patel.


  • Trend forecasting agencies, such as WGSN and Stylesight couple extensive research of cultural influences in areas such as music, art, film with sales reports (what’s selling, where it’s selling, etc). All this info is analyzed through private methodologies to predict what trends will be emerge. Next, the results are sold (for a pretty price) to mid-range retailers such as Topman, Express, Zara, Target, etc. 
  • Typically, independent fashion designers (the big names) don’t take part in the trend forecasting agencies because they keep their ideas a bit more original and private. They are influenced by their surroundings, world travels, art, film, nature, etc. You name it. The weight of their name typically carries influence and the irrefutable rule that if 3 designers are thinking along the same lines - it's established as a trend.
  • Fashion consultants and creative advisors are also huge contributors to a trend's impact. With their forecasting skills, brand development and strategy planning fused with creativity, they provide valuable direction. Often these companies are marketed more to luxury brands and retailers. An example of a highly influential consultant is Yasmin Sewell. I so admire her experience, personal style and blog. You can find an article and pictures of Yasmin here.
  • Then there’s influencers like fashion bloggers, celebrities, and magazines that play a big part on what takes off. They may not necessarily discover the trend through research and what not, but through our cultured world...they may set it into motion.

There are more ways trends come about but that’s just a few.



My three rules of thumb are...

1.  If the trend fits your personality, then go for it. Have fun with it! I’ll post certain things on here that don’t fit don’t do them. Rather, appreciate them and find something that works for you better.

2. Don't be afraid to be stretched at the same time. Give certain ones a try, if it's just not for you...that's completely ok. Scratch them!

3.  Don’t spend your life savings on trends. If you like a trend, do your best to find a reasonably priced item and then put your money towards something that will last longer. Now this concept pertains to things you know will be in and out. There are longer lasting trends, like skinny jeans or this spring's wide leg pant, that will continue to stay and are worth the investment.



Photo by  Trenton Alan

Photo by Trenton Alan


No matter what you wear or how you wear it with confidence. You do this by knowing who you are and knowing what fits you. Easier said than done, eh? If you can’t figure out how to do this, then look at style blogs and determine what impacts you, hire a stylist, or do what it takes to discover your look.

Don’t just copy a style...create a style.

Imagine this: Someone walks into a room. He or she is wearing something that is so far from what you would personally wear that you can't help but stare. But as you're watching them, you notice a confidence in how they carry themselves, and how they so gracefully pull off the outfit because they believe in themselves and what they have to offer. Slowly, that outfit and that person grow on you and you begin to appreciate the creativity and thought more than the actual item. It’s a lasting impression because confidence is attractive and contagious. 

There you go. I hope that answered some of the questions about where trends start. And no matter what the clothing may be, remember to always walk in confidence and be the best you.