Flashback: Three Spring Trends from the 90's


In west Philadelphia born and raised, On the playground was where I spent most of my days. Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool, and all shootin some b-ball outside of the school....

Do you know these lyrics from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Then most likely you've already done these three trends I'm about to talk about. Now that you understand a few ways that a trend evolves from last week's post, let’s look at some trends for spring that may stretch you.

First, I remember a conversation I had with a friend a few years ago. I told her that I loved vintage looks - from the wide leg pant that originated with Audrey Hepburn to the stripes and polka dots of the 60’s. I distinctly remember saying “If the 90’s ever come back, I don’t know if I can do them”. This may possibly be because I was a child of the 90’s and the day it’s considered a throwback vintage look, I may be on the brink of being old. 

Now I know some of these fashions may be hard for those that did them the first time around... so just see if any or all of them can be altered in a way that fits you.

A rule of thumb for my personal style: When revisiting an era trend, I pick one main item and pair it with something more up to date. That way you avoid looking like you're a blast from the past. BUT, if you didn't get to do it the first time around...go for it!

So let’s see what is dope, fly, fresh and whatever other term from the original 90’s you can think of.



This trend has slowly inched it’s way into the fashion world for the few years. I first heard about the mirrored glasses making a comeback in 2011 but it’s taken a bit of time for it to catch on. You can go the typical Ray-Ban aviator or wayfarer route but if you’re still not sure of this look, try updating the look with a different shape frame like these cat-eyes by Michael Kors or Karen Walker below. There are also plenty of color variations so you can pick which one looks best on you.

Not sure how you feel about them? That's fine because you could always get a “let’s see if i can wear these” trial pair at a place like Urban Outfitters or Forever 21.

Michael _Kors.jpg
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Don’t be scared. They’re back but in an updated way. The overalls of the 90’s were baggy and often involved letting one of the clasps loose so the overalls were hanging on by one strap. So for an updated look, don't do this. 

The overall nowadays shouldn't swallow you up because they'll have a much slimmer cut to elongate the leg. Worried that you're going to look too young or like you're came straight from the farm? Try pairing it with something a bit more modern like a structured blazer, feminine heels, chunky jewelry or a cute button down shirt to wear underneath 90's phenomenon. Another option is to go a completely different route by choosing a different type of fabric such as leather or by wearing a colored denim. 

My recommendation is to try different pairs on until you find one that fits your shape, age, etc. 

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Since Doc Martens made a big comeback this last fall and winter, why not keep the 90’s trend going on your feet. Oh the Birkenstock. 

Now pick your jaw up from the floor and read on.

This west coast marvel was on every foot in the 90’s. This time around, the look is a little less hippie and a bit more street savvy by wearing colors like black, white, or studded pairs. And you don’t have to be married to the Birkenstock brand because quite a few other designers jumped on the chance to give a fun look to the traditional style. See which one fits you best! 

If anything else, we know they are one of the most comfortable pairs of sandals you'll ever own...maybe twice in your life.

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There you go. Three doable styles from the 90's that are making a comeback. And we'll continue to see many more trends from the past revisit the stage...high waisted pants, cropped shirts, drop crotch pants (formerly known as MC Hammer pants), large flower prints, tartan patterns, bucket hats, platform sandals, etc.

Whether you give none or all of these looks a try, remember to be true to who you are. 

Be the best you.