REFASHION (vb): Transformation, to make new.


The Inspiration....

At six years old, I was given a sketch pad, multiple drawing books, and the nicest pencils I had ever held. I started drawing, and drawing....and drawing. If I wasn’t drawing puppies, I was sketching beautiful outfits that even my Barbies wouldn’t have dreamt of.

This young fascination for colors, textures, and putting outfits together led me to a fashion merchandising major at university. After graduation, I continued to be the go to girl for my retail clients and friends to help them with special events or redoing their image.

The Aha Moment...

A few years ago, I realized my passion wasn’t just about styling. Yes, it was an interest since a young age, but there was something more fascinating about it. I started to see clients who either didn't know who they were on the inside, or clients who knew who they were but didn't know how to show it.

There was a disconnect.


Often, whatever is going on with us internally, will be evident externally. With this in mind, REFASHION was born.


REFASHION (vb): Transformation, to make new.

REFASHION offers several services: from sifting through closets to personal shopping trips. My goal is to empower men and women with confidence to dress according to their identity. Other services include photo shoots and special event styling and personal shopping. 

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